Why can't I buy my merchandise from 8bitartwork?
So you can get the best merchandise deals out there, we believe that you should be in charge of sourcing your own, so we only supply artwork.

Do you have stock merchandise I can buy?
Sorry, not yet, but we are looking into stocking a small range of unique designs for the discerning gamer. Watch this space...

What exactly will I receive after placing my order?
When you order is processed (normally within 24hrs), you will receive three files: 
  • 300mm x 300mm JPEG in RGB
  • 300mm x 300mm JPEG in CMYK 
  • a print-ready pdf

Can I have bigger artwork?
No, we work at industry standard maximum for custom T-shirt designs, 300mm x 300mm. But because the pdf is created with vectors, it is infinitely up-scalable from its original 300mm x 300mm size.

Who owns the copyright to my artwork?
You do. As long as you submit 8 x 8 pixel creations you made yourself. Please don't submit work by other people - 8bitartworker does not support copyright theft.

Is 8bitartworker an official Minecraft supplier?
No. We have no connection with Minecraft except being massive fans!

How much does it cost?
 £9.50 (currency converter)